Letters to the editor

Lives depend on decisions people make


I am writing in response to the recent letter regarding Ivermectin and it’s use for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

The author says that “the inconvenient truth” is that ivermectin is effective and should be used. Studies referenced by Dr. Pierre Kory and a study where Dr. Satoshi Omura is listed as the fourth author indicate some benefit from the use of Ivermectin.

Dr. Kory and his group, Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, are active in promoting alternative treatments disputing the efficacy of vaccines, masking, social distancing, etc.

Dr. Omura’s study has been reviewed and there has been concern about the quality of the studies included in his meta analysis.

The Cochrane Library whose mission is the review of efficacy and safety of therapies has concluded in a paper dated July 28 that “we found no evidence to support the use of Ivermectin for treating or preventing COVID-infection, but the evidence base is limited.”

An article in the New York Times dated Aug. 30 referenced multiple studies that come to the same conclusion.

In deciding whether to believe Dr. Kory and his group or others we have to recognize the possibility of confirmation bias, the tendency to believe something that we’re biased to believe.

For me the Cochrane Library was a reliable guide during my years of practice as was the recommendations of the CDC and the FDA and I believe they are still worthy of trust.

It is an “inconvenient truth” that the decisions we make regarding our medical careened to be make as if our lives depend on it, because in a very real sense, they do.

Bruce Smith


COVID-19 a ‘virus, not parasite’


I’m writing in response to the letter “Ivermectin’s effectiveness an ‘inconvenient truth.” The author touts the effectiveness of Ivermectin against COVID-19.

He cites the fact that Dr. Satoshi Omura was a co- winner of a Nobel prize for Ivermectin’s discovery, which is true. However, Dr. Omura won the Nobel for discovering that the drug was effective for treating parasites in horses. COVID-19 is a virus, not a parasite.

According to the Center for Disease Control, there have been no studies that prove Ivermectin’s efficacy for treating COVID-19. The letter writer also inferred that pharmaceutical companies are controlling the narrative in regards to the controversy concerning Ivermectin to generate profits for their own COVID-19 treatments.

It’s interesting to me that the pharmaceutical company Merck Research Laboratory struck an agreement for royalties with Dr. Omura’s lab for development of Ivermectin. I ask, who is manipulating whom?

This controversy can be easily resolved if people would just get one of the several viable, effective, FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines available to us all.

Get the shot so that we can all get back to living our lives.

Jon Salisbury


Not too late …


Who were you listening to when printing that article by Marta Kazymyra? Were you prompted by God? Was it your love for the people of Lynden, more specifically the children of this community? Was it researched for accuracy?

Was a search completed on her reputation? Was advice sought out? It’s not too late to ask all those questions and print another article to counterbalance it.

Dee Starcher


Reader (upset) with Kazmyra commentary


I am writing in response to the horrible, biased piece written by this supposed retired Doctor in Blaine.

Are you freaking kidding me? 

This kind of fear mongering, non-medically sound, biased opinions on the experimental gene therapy vax (Which is not a vax) flat out (expletive deleted) me off.

There is zero encouragement for preventative measures, even just the basics of clean living, healthy diet, supplements. zero encouragement of after diagnosis treatment; hydration, healthy diet, supplements, antibody infusion, oxygen monitor, sunshine. Nothing. Zip.

OK, so you want to deny the benefits of ivermectin and HCG, in the very least she could mention a healthy lifestyle. Oh noooo, she pulls the typical: stay home and if you can’t breathe, go to the ER.

People want to know what to do before they need a hospital. 

This is repulsive to me.

I’d suggest you entertain a counter piece, at the very least, devoted to healthy living, healthy immune systems and the 99.9% survival rate of this man-made illness.

Becki Taylor


‘Not silenced anymore’


The absolute absurdity of these comments are completely infuriating. Just because you have MD behind your name doesn’t make me uneducated or uninformed. Quite the contrary.

The medical profession is simply reaping the mistrust and arrogance they have sewn for decades now.

What has started out years ago as the greater good is proven over and over for decades now that the medical pharmaceutical industry has profit driving treatments, not patient care.

Alternative treatments exist all over the globe and always outside the US. You, big pharma, force us to go to another country for treatment because you say it doesn’t exist or it is so cheap you can’t make enough off the treatment.

I am not a doctor. But I know there are many doctors out there that completely disagree with you and their numbers are growing every day.

At first, they were being silenced, but they’ve grown in number that they can’t be ignored. These are not vaccines. And how do I know that, you might ask? The CDC themselves proved it.

The standing definition of a vaccine has been established for decades, but these potions don’t qualify under that definition.

So what do they do? The CDC simply changes the definition so as to qualify them.

Revelations 22 says, “the healing of the nations is in the leaves of the trees.” Not Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or Astra Zenica.

Keep in mind we can go around you now because there is always someone in any field that will put the truth out. And through your lies, you are training us where to go for the truth because the lies are everywhere, we are constantly tripping over them at our every turn.

And when we come to a truth it sets the lies on fire. 

Also how do we know it’s the truth, you attack it like a school Piranha, and that’s proof enough for me. We will not be silenced anymore

Jim Starcher


Commentary ‘doesn’t represent anyone else’


I just finished reading Marta Kazmyra’s editorial; A vaccine today shortens the stay (of COVID-19).

This is such a divisive and disheartening editorial, especially coming from a previous healthcare worker. It is also filled with half-truths, disinformation, and lack of stats and data:

“Children under 12 are at a significant risk”? The data from Whatcom Health Department tells a different story.

There are zero deaths under age 12. In fact, there are zero deaths under age 29: whatcomcounty.us/3427/COVID-19-Data#AdWCDChts.

“Being an unvaccinated adult and choosing to be around children is akin to child endangerment”? Again, the data from Whatcom Health Department tells a different story.

Although 0-17 years of age is the second highest in case rate, they have zero deaths. Zero. This tells you that “akin to child endangerment” is nothing more than vaccine propaganda and isn’t based upon the data.

“The people of Whatcom County need to understand this is no longer a senior citizen’s disease. This is now a disease that preys on the young”? I guess that depends on what your definition of young is and your definition of prey.

According to Whatcom Health Department: ages 30-39 years = three deaths, ages 40-49 years = three deaths, ages 50-59 years = seven deaths. Which one of those age categories is your definition of young? Is 13 deaths in more than 18 months your definition of prey? whatcomcounty.us/3427/COVID-19-Data#AdWCDChts

I won’t quote the numerous disparaging and flat-out fear mongering comments made by the retired doctor.

Let’s just say I’m very glad she now has retired, as one of her credentials and thankfully her opinion doesn’t represent anyone else but herself in the medical community.  

Tami Kay


‘One long propaganda screed’


The piece you ran written by Marta Kazmyra is one long propaganda screed and certainly engages in fear porn to say the least.  

If she is vaccinated, she need not worry about anyone else.

As that is how vaccinations work. As a doctor rooted in science, she doctor should know this.

Anyone that is vaccinated do not have to be concerned about the unvaccinated. Either the vaccine works, or it does not. 

There are preventative measures that have been used at home for the last 18 months. Millions of people know about them. Reputable doctors all over the world endorse them.

Does the Lynden Tribune know about these treatments or protocols? Or are you in the fear porn and propaganda business as well, like the good doctor? 

It is my hope your readers do not take her seriously.

I’m thankful that I can discern fact from fear and propaganda. I hope most of your readers can as well. Thank God she is retired.

Karen Blankenforth


Property tax time approaching


Going over our property tax bill as the deadline approaches, I can’t help but notice under the column ‘Tax Distribution’ that the combined school taxes this year amount to a whopping 63% of the total.

The recent Lynden School Bond increased our tax bill by 9 1/2 %.

The next time the “Vote Yes on the School Bond” signs go up all over our neighborhoods, we ought to think twice about how we cast our votes.

The Lynden School #504 Enrichment tax item is well-named.

Chris Evans


What’s wrong with this picture? 


The government acknowledges my body my choice for the following: have an abortion, abuse alcohol, drugs and food.

However, they won’t allow you to control your body and refuse a no-liability experimental drug being injected into your body. The government can also use your freedom to choose as leverage to keep your job and insurance. I’ve heard the saying “no jab, no job,” which sounds like a threat to me.

Now comes the hypocrisy of our government. Biden has allowed Congress and his staff, among others not to be forced to get the vaccine. Are they special? 

Another special group is the hundreds of thousands of Illegals who have come into America, without a vaccine or proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

Wonder if they got tested, before they boarded all those buses and planes to live amongst us?

You may have heard the saying,” Do as I Say, Not as I Do.” Pelosi held an expensive outdoor fundraiser and none of the guests wore masks. However, she kept her rich guests safe by requiring her entire serving staff to wear masks.

I watched the news about the recent Mets Gala and saw AOC in a designer gown that said to tax the rich. Funny thing is none of the elite celebrities wore masks. The folks taking the pictures and fluffing the gowns had to wear masks.

Sadly, we have never gotten a straight answer from the get-go. The virus came from China and Fauci earmarked $600,00 from NIH for the Wuhan lab.

The vaccine works and it doesn’t work. I’ve heard sad stories of new medical conditions after the vaccine and even deaths in all age groups.

However, the government won’t share that information. 

Why, you might ask? Fear allows power, and power controls!

Anne Freeman

Birch Bay

Grateful for ‘the Hop’


I want to express how very grateful I am for all efforts the mayor and his staff made in getting a grant for the Lynden Hop. This service has been a true blessing for me and other seniors especially.

Since I had to stop driving the first of this year it has been a burden to always rely on family or friends for transportation. The Lynden Hop has given me my independence back. I can now schedule a ride for doctor’s visits, trips to the Lynden Senior Center, or brief shopping trips.

It is such a joy to know I can get around town whenever I need to do so. I am certain there are many other seniors who use and very much appreciate this opportunity.

My grandson has even taken the Hop to football practice. The Hop is a wonderful for all of us to use for any trips around Lynden.

I sincerely hope that this one-year trial period extends to permanent access to the Lynden Hop.

Vicki Buffer


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