No on I-1634

Call it a Trojan Horse. Call it false advertising. Whatever you call it, I-1634 is NOT about banning taxes on our groceries. It is an attempt by the soda industry to prevent local governments from taxing sugary drinks that contribute to obesity and diabetes, and drive up health care costs.

Who wants I-1634 to pass? The soda industry, which is pouring millions of dollars into this campaign to keep its profits intact, regardless of the health impact on our communities.

Local communities need the option to protect their community’s health. Join me in voting No on I-1634.

— Ben Rogers, Lummi Island

Eric Richey for prosecutor

Eric Richey is not a politician; he is an experienced prosecutor. He has been a dedicated and progressive public servant for over 25 years. He has been a positive supporter of the successful drug court as well as a major influence in establishing a mental health court. Eric is acutely aware of the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault on families and the community and has worked tirelessly to help end both.

Keeping all of us safe is a priority. Eric believes in prosecuting serious crimes to the fullest extent. He also believes that lesser crimes should be adjudicated as fits the crime. Eric believes in giving low-level offenders the tools to heal and better themselves so that they may become productive members of society.

Eric is an experienced, tireless and proactive force in the prosecutors office. Working with him is an exceptional seasoned team of staff and attorneys. Under his direction they will continue to work together to implement programs to make our community better. Eric is also supported by law enforcement, victim support leaders and members of our legal community. Eric Richey has earned our vote!

— Gene and Joanie Bogner, Bellingham

Supports Republicans

As Nov. 6 fast approaches, I encourage you to support Doug Ericksen, Vincent Buys and Luanne VanWerven.

Our 42nd District needs to keep these hardworking representatives and Sen. Ericksen in Olympia. Their tireless efforts to support our local community are critical. All three candidates have a record of keeping jobs here and protecting important things like farming, along with other issues like lower taxes and even having a voice for the unborn!

Carefully consider the impact of losing any of these three upstanding, moral and hardworking Republicans.

— Martin Verbree, Lynden

Yes on I-1631

Our most important ballot initiative is I-1631. The recent UN IPCC Report concludes we have fewer than 12 years left to reduce carbon emissions to avoid the tipping point beyond which our climate will spiral completely out of control. This is an existential threat to our survial. I-1631 will reduce carbon emissions by imposing a carbon fee on major polluters.

I-1631 carefully cushions the low-income people most affected. If all carbon fees were borne by consumers, polluters would not spend millions of their dollars to oppose I-1631. Why don’t oil companies pursue expensive campaigns to resist rising costs of imported oil? They just raise the price at the pump.

Why are they upset about carbon fees? Because they must pay them or reduce their emissions. That’s the point! Reason has failed; this carbon fee is the only way to change their behavior.

This carbon fee will ultimately be far less expensive than allowing these continuing catastrophic climate changes to pummel us.

There is no doubt remaining that the wildfires burning the West, the increasingly violent hurricanes devastating the Southeast, the droughts and floods plaguing farmers are all worsened by climate change. Once-in--100-years weather now happens every few years! Almost all record high temperatures have occurred in the past decade.

Who will pay the billions of dollars for the damage from these extreme weather events? Whose dollars will shore up south Florida, New York City, the Gulf Coast and other low-lying areas as sea level rises? Whose dollars will fight wildfires and clean up after the floods? Whose dollars will rebuild after the destruction wrought by Hurricanes Frances and Michael? Your tax dollars! Your increased insurance premiums!

Don’t believe the fossil fuel industry’s lies. Vote Yes on I-1631!

— Tom Goetzl, Bellingham

Supports Vargas

Here’s an idea. Let’s elect a State Senator for Legislative District 42 who will work for us, not for their own aggrandizement. Her name is Pinky Vargas and she is prepared to concentrate on advancing legislative priorities that will benefit the people of Whatcom County and the whole state.

As a team member in the Democratic caucus, she will bring her passion for education that prepares young people for the world of the future; she’ll continue studying and learning about the challenges of climate change to better contribute to government action that will help us manage this threat.

Pinky Vargas is a well-qualified and experienced woman who knows about public service, especially how to work with people of divergent views. Raised on a farm and now living in a city, Pinky appreciates the urban-rural nature of Whatcom County. Please join me in electing Pinky Vargas the next state senator for LD42.

— Helen Worley, Blaine

Supports Van Werven

I prefer that the government stays far away from my property, my pocketbook and my bedroom. The expansion and intrusion of government into citizens’ lives these past few years in Washington State has been frightening to me.

I believe Rep. Van Werven understands these issues and votes accordingly. While I do not want the government involved in any sanctity-of-life issues, nor in the decision-making of citizens and their doctors, at least Rep. Van Werven agrees that life is sacred. Upon that I agree.

Please support Rep. Luanne Van Werven this November.

— Mark K. Nelson, Deming

Supports Boneau

Who do you want to represent you in the 42nd Legislative District? Someone whose father was a U.S. Navy career veteran, and who served himself as a machinist’s mate in the Navy’s nuclear propulsion program? Someone who has a BS degree in business from WWU? Someone who is a family man with a 4-year-old daughter? That someone is Justin Boneau.

Justin Boneau will work in Olympia to protect our families, communities, and Constitution. Vote Justin Boneau for 42nd State Representative Position 2.

— Thomas Brakke, Bellingham