On Lonnie and Elizabeth Rose

In a recent edition you included an excellent commendation of Lonnie and Elizabeth Rose for their strong community involvement. I would like to expand upon one element of your commendation involving the Lynden VFW Post and VFW Auxiliary organizations.

Until Lonnie and Elizabeth assumed leadership of the Lynden VFW Post and Auxiliary, respectively, both organizations were essentially moribund and slowly dying from declining membership and a lack of direction. Because of this couple’s leadership in rebuilding both organizations, Lynden has a very visible and active Post and Auxiliary. Both are now extensively involved in veterans’ outreach programs, community activities and in support of active-duty military as well. The membership of both organizations is now vibrant and growing.

The diversity of the outreach programs extends from regular mailings of care packages to active-duty deployed military, to veterans and their families and continual contact with disabled veterans in our communities. The post’s honor guard is visible at military- and veteran-related events, and there is an active outreach program in place for all of the local schools. The post sponsors many events, including essay contests and patriotic art programs for students.

Some of these programs were in place prior to the involvement of Lonnie and Elizabeth, but not actively promoted. Now they are, and the community response has been gratifying.

Once a month the Post and Auxiliary put on an all-you-can-eat breakfast for a very reasonable price, and the attendance is growing.

None of this recent growth would have occurred had Lonnie and Elizabeth not assumed the leadership roles they have today. The Post, Auxiliary and the community at large owe Lonnie and Elizabeth a huge debt of gratitude and round of applause for their leadership.

— John Hiner, Lynden