Jensen family park ‘cool, shady’ place to walk


  Pete Tryon and I would like to thank the Jensen Family and everyone who helped build and maintain the Jensen Family Forest Park in Custer.

  It is a cool, shady place to take a walk on a hot day.

  We appreciate the work and thought that goes into making it a green oasis of large Douglas firs and vibrant understory.

  Thank you for your thoughtfulness in making it available to our community.

Meg Hayes


Vote ‘yes’ on proposed levy lid lift


  Residents protected by Whatcom County Fire District (WCFD) 21, I encourage you to vote yes Aug. 3 on the proposed levy lid lift. 

  The fire department has not asked voters for a levy rate increase in over 12 years. 

  By voting yes, the fire department plans to add four firefighters and four battalion chiefs. This will enhance service delivery.

  Also replacing aging equipment such as fire engines and ladder trucks and water tenders. It will show Proposition 2021-3 on your pamphlet.

  Again, please vote yes to improve a very vital resource in your community.

      They help us, lets help them.  

Cheryl Whitesides


‘Thought leader’ needs to pay attention


  Eric Hirst needs to pay attention. He suggests farmers need a better idea of how much water is being used by irrigators. 

  We have very good estimates backed by crop irrigation requirements, soil moisture data, and precipitation records.

  This data is confirmed by numerous meters as any water right change has had a metering requirement attendant to it.

  We know how much water is being used.

  He also suggests we pay attention to climate change data. We are.

  Just how much this will affect our crops which are predominately irrigated from our abundant groundwater is in question.

  Yet we are investing in research that considers changing precipitation and flooding patterns.  

  Eric challenges us to help the County initiate collaborative water discussions.

  In fact, we do support this effort, offered funds to advance it, and worked with the County to obtain funding from the State Legislature.

  We’ve played a large role in developing the 2005 Watershed Plan, formed six Watershed Improvement Districts to tax ourselves, provide consistent and accountable representation in water issues, and developed “tools” to better manage water for quality and quantity.  

  Eric needs to encourage the local tribes, environmental community, and Department of Ecology to support collaborative efforts to resolve water disputes and develop wise resource management policies.  

  Eric has been a thought leader on water resource issues in the Nooksack Basin – but ironically, our county is on the verge of doing exactly what Eric and other plaintiffs in the Hirst litigation sought to avoid: widespread loss of agricultural land and conversion to rural sprawl.

  The water rights adjudication sought by the tribes and Ecology would delay (for decades) any meaningful action to address climate change and develop the water resource infrastructure and programs necessary to protect both agricultural lands and fish resources in the Nooksack Basin.  

Henry Bierlink

Ag Water Board (AWB) 


Body cameras protect officers


  Kudos to the city council for approving body cams for Lynden police.

  Cameras protect officers and help prove the bad guys were bad. Officers need to ensure the data is kept for a significant period of time as accusations can flare up much later. 

   I believe the best policy is that cameras need to be activated for any interaction with the public.

   From traffic stops to sporting events to parades, and while at the Fair.

  aving the activation policy being at officer’s discretion is bound to backfire. 

  The council now needs to discuss this important policy as we wait for cameras to arrive.

G Todd Williams


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