Supports McClendon

Very soon, Coastal District 5 residents will choose our representative on the County Council. For me, that choice is clear.

Natalie McClendon has the experience and temperament to be a productive council member from day one. Her two terms on the Whatcom County Planning Commission have prepared her for the most important issues facing us.

Among her priorities are affordable housing, rural broadband, family-wage jobs, a healthy environment and transition to a clean energy economy. Water, one of our county’s biggest challenges, is something she has studied deeply. She will work to ensure that families, fish and farms all get their fair share of that most precious resource.

Natalie is seasoned and thoughtful, a good listener who is committed to public communication. As a council member, she will keep us, her constituents, fully informed. We are fortunate to have her on the ballot. Let’s put her on the council.

— Myra Ramos, Lummi Island


Cycling review

To our friends in Lynden, a hearty thank-you to to all those who once again, gave our bicycling group (RSVP, Ride Seattle to Vancouver and Party) such a warm welcome on Saturday morning as we rolled through on our ride to Vancouver, B.C. The hot coffee and snacks were a great pick-me-up. Thank you for your continued hospitality.

To the white pickup truck driver on Northwest Road at Piper Road who felt it necessary to pull out from his driveway, gun his engine and coat us all with a thick blanket of diesel exhaust, I hope you have a better day today.

— Mark Firmani, Seattle