City Council candidate voting


Casting the correct ballot for Lynden City Council is always a vitally important choice. I was very impressed with Darren Johnson during the primary election debate between him and candidates Ron DeValois and Kris DeGroot Keene.

After having two private meetings and one or two phone conversations with Darren, I am convinced without any hesitation that he is the preferable candidate and deserves to be elected. After 16 years in office by the incumbent, it is time for some new blood, new ideas and new perspectives on the council. Darren Johnson will provide the new energy. Very graciously Kris DeGroot Keene has asked her primary supporters to vote for Darren in the general election.

Being a City Council member is a lot of work and Darren Johnson has the drive, willingness and ability to listen, attributes that are deeply needed. He is committed to family issues, faith and farms. Also, he supports protecting water rights, lower taxes and keeping strong police and fire departments for the community.

Voting is a precious right we all need to exercise. It is time for a change and I believe Darren Johnson for Lynden City Council will be a vote you will be glad you made. Please attend the general election forum of Lynden City Council candidates on Saturday, Oct. 16, and see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

— Paul Harris, Lynden


Confronting the state of the climate


For many years I have been reading about changes to our amazing planet.  I have heard Dr. Bill Mc-Kibben speak in Fairhaven and Naomi Klein in Seattle. I continue to choose to ride my bike, the bus, the train  and whenever possible to carpool. (My Whatcom Smart Trips account lists 3,279 trips.)

Recently I have been enchanted as I watch and listen to Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish student who began learning the facts of climate change when she was 7 or 8. She became depressed because no one in her family or the Swedish Parliament was “behaving in a logical way.”

Greta now is calling to the world for a climate strike to show each other and our leaders that we must change our values and behavior for the good of our future.

So I will be taking WTA Bus #26 and #15 to downtown Bellingham on the morning of Sept. 20 in order to be part of the Climate Strike that is happening around the world.

Also, as I listen to candidates in the upcoming election, I will be pondering each person’s understanding of what it takes to “Unite Behind the Science” and to transform our beloved community wisely, kindly and justly for the future of the children and the planet.

— Alyce Werkema, Lynden


Most dangerous place, the womb 


A s abortion denying a basic human right? Is America deeply divided on Life issues? What is really going on in the hearts of Americans regarding life?

When you recognize abortion has been technically legal for only 47 years (in Washington since 1971), one wonders how this single issue could be so polarizing to the citizens of this country! Abortion has been labeled a women’s issue, or a women’s rights issue, that has taken this subject completely to the level of social chaos.

But is it really about a women’s right to choose? What about the father of this child? Does he have a voice in this? And, of course, what about the innocent unborn child, who is being scheduled for death by its very own mother? How can it be that this great country of ours does not allow the basic human right “to be born”?  Our constitution, penned in 1787, claims that we all have the inalienable right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”! 

The voters of this great country were never allowed to vote on the idea of legalized abortion. The Supreme Court voted to give a young woman named Norma McCorvey access to abortion!  She claimed rape, which she later retracted, and she never even had an abortion because her case took too long and her child was born.  

So here we are, 47 years later, trying to restore the rights of the unborn, and undo a grave situation that puts the pre-born child in the most dangerous place in America, its mother’s womb.

Lynden Human Life invites you to stand in solidarity with literally thousands of churches across America on Sunday, Oct. 6, from 2 to 3 p.m. Life Chain is a time of prayer and silent witness against abortion. We will be on the sidewalks in Bellingham between Stuart and Bakerview roads. Bellingham has declared itself a city of refuge for abortion, and we are standing in prayer for the innocent lives of the unborn. Please join our Life Chain, for life unborn.

— Juanita Verbree, Lynden Human Life