Grocery stores


Does the management of the grocery stores realize that they are penalizing the senior segment of the population? Their programs of two-or-more in order to get the sale price is discriminatory and hurting the seniors.

A sale price of $2.99 if you buy two or more is not fair to the elderly. Many seniors can’t afford two, four, six of one product, let alone have storage for that many items that probably won’t meet the use-by date. 

— Shirley Assink, Lynden


Upcoming elections


The future health and safety of Whatcom County citizens are in voters’ hands this fall. At issue is the expansion of new fossil fuel projects at Cherry Point. Industry pressures to increase the export of highly volatile unrefined fuels, coal and gas from the West Coast have put Whatcom County and Cherry Point in their crosshairs. 

If Satpal Sidhu is elected County Executive and Natalie McClendon is elected to the District 5 County Council seat (covering Blaine, Ferndale, Birch Bay and Lummi Island), they will support the current County Council work to restrict unrestrained expansion at Cherry Point. 

The County Council has proposed sensible amendments to the Comprehensive Plan for Cherry Point, prohibiting any new piers and fossil fuel projects that would increase transport and export of unrefined fossil fuels. At the same time, the amendments protect existing industries and refineries, allowing limited expansion to safeguard their competitive viability and protect the jobs they provide.

However, opposition to the council’s effort has resulted in very large sums of money from the fossil fuel industries flowing to Tony Larson’s campaign for County Executive and Ben Elenbaas’ campaign for the District 5 County Council seat. Because I support moving toward cleaner energy, job retraining as needed and a healthy environment, I will be voting for Satpal Sidhu and Natalie McClendon. 

I am also voting to re-elect Carol Frazey to her At-Large council position to continue her good work. Winning these races is critical if we want responsible development at Cherry Point and a healthy environment for ourselves, our families and future generations.

— Judith Bush, Lummi Island


Law enforcement taxes


Whatcom County is in danger of being bankrupted by law enforcement taxes. We need a cost-effective system for public safety. Even though crime has dropped over the last decades, costs of policing and incarceration have increased — and it is unsustainable.

As the Vera Institute of Justice’s new report on the relationship between police, arrests and mass incarceration discusses, “The likelihood that arrests lead to incarcerations has steadily increased.” Why? Because although most 911 calls are for help unrelated to crimes in progress, officers will respond with the tool that is most familiar to them: arrest.

Our law enforcement system doesn’t offer enough alternative options. Trauma from these arrests affects our community in painful, and painfully expensive, outcomes.

This sinkhole of taxpayers’ money has now been painstakingly researched by Joy Gilfilen. Check out to understand Whatcom County’s way out of this quagmire.

— Sage Waters, Nooksack