In support of Natalie McClendon  


Natalie McClendon is running for Whatcom County Council Coastal District #5. I support her and I want to tell you why.

If I find myself unsure about a Washington state initiative or process or want to better understand the various aspects of an issue, I contact Natalie McClendon. She has the background information and the knowledge to educate me. Natalie understands the local history dealing with our community and has a depth of experience to back up her viewpoints. She thrives on wonky details.

Natalie has been community-minded and involved with organizations that focus on her passions. Issues I find important are: affordable housing, a healthy environment, health care, family-wage jobs, and clean water. Natalie is now serving her second term on the Whatcom County Planning Commission.

Perhaps you would like to ask her a question about something that is important to you. Give her a call at 360-391-8287. Check out her web page at Vote in the August primary.

Naomi Murphy, Ferndale


Supports McClendon

Natalie McClendon now serves on the Whatcom County Planning Commission. She is well aware of the needs and issues of our waterside 5th District.

Included in our district are cities, towns, farmers, the petroleum plants, fishermen, tourist resorts and the rest of us. The complex demands of our county include population growth, the need for housing, jobs, roads and traffic infrastructure, water supply for industry, agriculture, cities and fish.

It is the job of county government to manage and provide workable solutions to all of these issues. Natalie has the experience and ideas we need as the population grows and climate change makes demands on our resources. We need smart and realistic experience on the County Council. Natalie will bring this knowledge and strength to the role.

— Alice Brown, Birch Bay