Opposed to hate at Christmas time

I rise in response to the letter by Don Starr, of Blaine, that you published in the Lynden Tribune that reached your audience on Christmas Eve day. An acrimonious opinion on a subject that is so divisive simply does not fit this time to celebrate the reason for the season of Christmas.

Mr. Starr’s letter reflects his apparent concern and anger toward President Trump and the Republican Party. His letter appears to be an overview of, and based on, what he has gleaned from TV, the mainstream and social media, and other sources. I wonder how much of what is expressed today can be adjudicated as hate speech. 

It is doubtful Mr. Starr has any firsthand knowledge in support of what he has offered. Neither do I in way of rebuttal, since lies and innuendo appear to be the new language spoken today. Truth in these matters is very elusive. Until facts can be proven, political opinions are worthless and are only offered to sway those who have no other source on which to depend. President Trump is our leader. He has my respect.

— Gary Smith, Nooksack



On Rep. Matt Shea

As a resident of the 42nd Washington State Legislative District, I am waiting for State Rep. Luanne Van Werven to denounce her fellow Republican Rep. Matt Shea — not for his incendiary rhetoric, but now for his hateful and treasonous actions. 

A recently released report states, “Representative Shea planned, engaged in and promoted a total of three armed conflicts of political violence against the U.S. Government.” (From the executive summary at https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/6589242/Shea-WA-House-Report.pdf.) These armed conflicts resulted in public property damage, trauma to a community, and actual loss of life. 

Shea has now been suspended from his caucus by his party’s leadership — and must be expelled from the Legislature once it reconvenes in January. But Ms. VanWerven has as yet failed to call him out.

Rep. Van Werven, I urge you to vote in January to expel your extremist Republican colleague Matt Shea from our state legislature — the people’s house. In the meantime, it is incumbent on you to condemn his criminal actions. We’re waiting.

— Myra Ramos, Lummi Island


Regarding last week’s letter to the editor

Please be advised of the choice to print the letter to the editor for Christmas Eve, erroneously titled “Thoughts on Donald Trump,” that this was and is a misleading and false statement.

The Lynden Tribune chose to print this inflammatory, toxic hate speech which in fact targeted, branded, slurred, devalued and mocked malevolently in word, not just thought, a wide range of people including “Republicans in general,” the duly elected President of the United States, Mitch McConnell, my Evangelical brothers and sisters in Christ, and not so inadvertently also veterans, such as my family who served in World Wars I and II. These are not fascists. They fought Fascism. 

The printed letter is offensive to my chosen “religion,” Christianity. It is offensive to my Lord and Savior, and the many who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who breathes in his Holy Word that he sets up and allows rulers for his purposes to either chasten a nation or by his divine mercy allow his divine plan for earth to move forward. This letter strikes at the very core of my identity and others who are followers of the Way, and over 100 countries persecuted for their “evangelical faith,” i.e. Christians.

I have chosen to break down by groups and people actually who this person denigrated, and obviously by the Lynden Tribune’s choice to print a single letter given top reading space actually its own bias and ideology.

Actually under God and in the America of today, there is “nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes) than that the just judge, Christ the King, will return.

— Cynthia S. Ripke-Kutsagoitz, Lynden