In response

Robert Raplee wrote a letter regarding the city of Seattle which he sees as a frightening, dangerous place to live or visit.  We recently spent a weekend in Seattle with our grandchildren.  Robert, Seattle is wonderful and very much alive. Saturday afternoon we joined 27,000 American League baseball fans singing the National Anthem as we watched the Mariners, in beautiful Safeco Field, beat the Detroit Tigers.   We visited a variety of restaurants, the waterfront and local neighborhoods.

Granted, Seattle has its challenges, but Whatcom County has challenges, too. Some of the unincorporated parts of Whatcom County, the ones with eight trailers, 14 cars and numerous RV’s in one yard are disgusting and frightening, too. Give me Seattle street person any day.

Many of Seattle’s homeless are veterans who are suffering the consequences of massive cuts in VA government funding.  Many of the homeless drug issues are the result of major pharmaceutic companies flooding communities with opiates that are entry drugs and unneeded.  Major pharmaceuticals have no conscience in regards to the impact these drugs have on our society.

Seattle has some of the best medical care facilities in the world. God help you if you need to go to Seattle for life saving medical care.  If you are in a major traffic accident and the State Patrol wants to airlift you to Harborview, be sure and say no.

My husband was in the Marines, too, and said to tell you Semper Fi.

— Margaret and Glenn Irvine


Standing for life

Recently the City of Bellingham proclaimed its official, perverse enthusiasm for unrestrained abortion. It stirred up a flashback of another degraded moment long ago when a ranting Gov. George Wallace proudly assured Alabama it would enjoy “Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!”

Alabama has since repented of that stance and joined the human race. Moreover, it has joined eight other states this year in passing restrictions on the destruction of pre-born children. Those states include Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Utah, Arkansas, Kentucky and Ohio.  

In May I happened to be in my home state of Missouri when its legislature stood strong for life. I’ve never been prouder of my stouthearted Ozark neighbors who came through in the clutch. If implemented, Missouri will no longer have any abortion centers within its boundaries!

Bellingham doesn’t speak for Lynden or our county. Lynden Human Life and its many, many supporters suggest that our City Council declare Lynden a “Sanctuary City,” that “values and protects all human life: born and pre-born, young and elderly, healthy or ill, where each person is wanted, needed, welcomed, celebrated, treasured and loved.” 

We believe Jesse Jackson had it exactly right – in a 1977 National Right to Life News article.

“What happens to ... a person, and the moral fabric of a nation, that accepts the aborting ... of a baby without a pang of conscience? What kind of a person and what kind of a society will we have 20 years hence?”

Tragically, we now know.

— Gary Hardaway, Lynden (writing for Lynden Human Life)


Mud on the wall

It’s sad to see local Democrats pursuing the same tactics as their congressional counterparts when it comes to throwing mud on the wall against their opponents, hoping something sticks. I’m referring to the recent accusation that the Whatcom Republicans are somehow mismanaging campaign funds. The fact is, every penny of the Whatcom Republicans’ funds is accounted for, and reported thoroughly for public review and transparency. 

As the campaign treasurer for one of our local Republican legislators, I too have been targeted by Democrats filing “nuisance complaints” to the PDC (the state campaign oversight agency). Of course, upon review, the charges were found to be without merit, and dismissed. 

If politics is a spectator sport, watching the Democrats make a ‘fake’ financial accusation against an opponent right before each local election is getting tiresome. The voters deserve to be told the truth without partisan manipulation. In the words of Shakespeare, “methinks thou doth protest too much.”

— Sam Crawford


On smokey air

For those of you who missed it, there was an excellent warning/article in the July 30 edition of our Lynden Tribune regarding the already present smokey conditions that we will again suffer because of wild fires in the surrounding areas.  Several years ago the smoke covered Lynden and much of Whatcom County from across the Canadian border, from Oregon, and right now we are getting smoke from eastern Washington.

Some of our community continually ignores the burn ban thinking that their single “legal 3-foot diameter fire” will not be much of a bother — unless of course it’s next-door, and left to smolder for hours (very bothersome to those of us who like to breathe and worse for those with respiratory problems).

Hopefully, prayerfully, the Lynden City Council will ask our new fire chief to stop handing out burn permits — especially during July, August and September when the air is hot with very little wind.  Over the past two to three years we seem to have more and more smoke daily and especially in the evenings, when we like to have our windows open.

Maybe this smoke problem is worse where I live in northeast Lynden, but I would expect more and more complaints from the new homeowners as homes continue to be built and sold as the city limits expand to the east.

Hopefully, and again prayerfully, maybe you will take up the mantle and lend your voice at a city council meeting. I have been down that road years ago and now am just a printed voice crying in the “smokey” wind.

— Ray Manthano, Lynden


Lynden High School Class of 52 Reunion 

The annual LHS Class of 52 reunion was held on July 27  with the following 14 classmates in attendance:

Gerrit and Henry Kuiken, Harry Weeda. Evelyn Verduin Nymeyer, Gay Beernink Streets, Ann Holtrop Geleynse, Mary Roe Swinburnson, Ron Sheets, Clarence & Peggy Smit, Robert De Groot, Pete Koert, Les Knudsen, Melbaline Williams Hayes.

Everyone got a door prize — and a lot of socializing!

Over the Class of ‘52 school years, there were a total of 88 members, 57 graduated and 38 have  since died. There were several locally prominent class members who have passed including, Rollie DeKoster (LHS coach/hall of fame member), Richard Waldemar, NW WA Fair manager, Sally Knapp Sorsoliel, father owned the Knapp’s furniture store, Bob Mock – LHS Hall-of-Fame member whose father was the long-time Darigold CEO. 

A group get-well card was signed for Ron Hall — who is in the Mary & Martha’s Health Care Center in Poulsboro suffering health problems.

— Gerrit Kuiken, Lynden