Responding to a letter

This letter is in response to the vicious letter (May 1) by Naomi Murphy, of Ferndale, filled with untruths about Matt Shea, representative from the Spokane Valley area. I have known Matt and his family for more than 30 years and you could not have a more caring and concerned representative.

He is not nor ever has he been aligned with any movements that promote violence against anyone. He is a Christian and is being targeted because of those beliefs. Matt never advocates violence. This letter is just part of a vicious smear campaign because he advocates for showing up and speaking in a respectful manner for what you believe in and then acting within your power within the parameters of the law to effect changes.

Maybe no state Republican has spoken against Matt Shea because they know this to be just a vicious attack on a good public servant.

— Susan Shuhler, Everson


Thanking the community

On Saturday, May 11, the Lynden Letter Carriers organized the “Fill a Bag.  Help Feed Families” food drive that collected well over 11,000 pounds of food for members of our community. The Project Hope Food Bank is deeply grateful to our local Letter Carriers for their coordination of this event: dropping off the collection bags earlier in the week, picking up the food (with the assistance of numerous volunteers), and then delivering the food  to the food bank — on the warmest day of the year so far!

We are also thankful to members of the Lynden Noon Kiwanis club and to numerous young people from college and local schools who volunteered to transition and sort the food items. We so appreciate you all — members of our community — who generously donated food for this particular food drive to help meet the needs of our neighbors. We live in an amazing place where neighbors help neighbors.  Thank you very much!

During the month of April, about 150 households representing approximately 600 individuals were served on a weekly basis at the Project Hope Food Bank. This supplemental food source is critical to the well-being of those who live in and around this community.  

Once again, we at the Project Hope Food Bank are deeply appreciative for your community service not only as it relates to this most recent food drive, but for all the loving care you share with our neighbors on a regular basis. 

— Henry D. Kok, executive director, Christian Hope Association Project Hope Food Bank