The Constitution


Dennis Kovach said of the “POTUS four”: “If you don’t like it, do something different about it.”

It would seem that running for office and earning representation in the U.S. House of Representatives is “something” different. Our forefathers wanted the Constitution to be the measure and rule of our nation. That is why they designed a checks-and-balances system. That is why when George Washington was asked to be king or emperor, he said that we were going to be a different form of government, one decided by the people.

Historically, white, male landowners were “the people.” Over the years, our leaders and citizens have decided that “we the people” should be an amalgam of all citizens, hence  amendments including all citizens regardless of wealth, ownership, education, race, etc.  

Our Constitution, not our history of slavery, indigenous conquest, minority purging as in Chinese banning in the early 1900s, Japanese internment, etc., is what makes this country special, strong and honorable. It is the reason our land represents the hope of so many in the rest of the world. 

It is not money, privilege or agreement that makes our nation great. It is the power of Americans working together to man our ship of state — based on our Constitution.

— Donna Starr, Blaine



Appreciates the Lynden Post Office


Over the years, I, like many of you also, have had quite a bit of contact with employees at the Lynden Post Office. A few days ago while there on business, I had an occasion to meet the postmaster, Brian Mouche, and one of his employees.

As a customer, I am very impressed and pleased by the service I get from the folks working at the P.O. They are polite, efficient and friendly. That is not always the case as I visit various businesses in and around Bellingham and our area.

The Post Office and its service is one of the best bargains you can find. Get this: For around 50 cents you can mail a letter which is often picked up right near your driveway and have it delivered within three or four days to someone’s home or business, even if 500 or a 1,000 miles away. Wow. That is a bargain.

This is in a day and age when a trip to Starbucks for your favorite latte will cost you around $5, or $6 if you leave a tip. And basically you are getting a hot cup of chemicals. So while the USPS is often referred to as “snail mail” or the Pony Express, I think they are fantastic and represent one of the best bargains a customer can find.

When I walk into the Lynden Post Office, I have come to expect good service from friendly employees. And that is what I get. To the management and staff at the Post Office, keep up the good work and thank you.

— Alf Strandgard, Lynden



Supporting Kathy Kershner


I would encourage you to vote for Kathy Kershner. I have known her for many years.

She is a solid person with practical ideas and a love for our community. She is a former Navy  officer and business owner and has the discipline and courage it takes to step up and be counted. She is a woman of integrity and trustworthiness. She has the endorsement of many local officials who know she will look out for us. Her qualifications make her an excellent choice to serve our community. She has my vote!

— Sondra Perkins, Lynden



In support of Satpal Sidhu for executive


Have you ever wondered what is expected of the person who is elected to the nonpartisan position of Whatcom County Executive?

It’s a big job! The powers of the executive are set out in our Whatcom County Charter: appoint members to boards and commissions; enforce all ordinances and state statues within the county; recommend annual budgets; monitor expenses to assure compliance; represent Whatcom County at local, regional, state and federal levels. And that’s just part of the responsibilities.

Satpal Sidhu is the person for this position, through his experience, hard work, and dedication to community.

Among his many endeavors to improve daily life in our county, it was Satpal who brought different ethnic groups together to make the Arch of Healing and Reconciliation a reality. The arch has a permanent home on the grounds of Bellingham City Hall. His colleagues describe him as a practical, civil and open-minded person who is always ready to listen and learn. Todd Donovan, a County Council member, said, “Satpal is always asking questions and looking for unvarnished answers.”

Satpal lives up to his name. Satpal translates to “friend of truth” or “someone devoted to truth.” He has my vote. I encourage you to cast yours for him too.

— Micki Jackson, Bellingham



People of Lynden


Lynden would not be Lynden if it weren’t for the people. I experienced that first-hand last week Friday. I was going to pay for my groceries, but was told they had already been paid for by the kind gentleman who was behind me. When I asked him if I knew him, his response was no and I was shocked. I failed to ask his name, but I hope that he will read this and know that I am very appreciative of his kindness. I hope that he enjoys the blessings of our God and the joys of living in Lynden.

Ada Voskuilen, Lynden



Vote Natalie 



I’m voting for Natalie McClendon for the new County Council District 5, aka the Coastal District running from Blaine to Lummi Island and from I-5 to the coast. Natalie is the best choice to represent our district for many reasons.

Natalie is finishing her second term on the county Planning Commission and has a deep knowledge of how our county government and planners must work together to develop policies that will protect this very special place we all call home. Her priorities as a lifelong environmentalist are to help Whatcom County transition to a clean-energy economy that provides new family-wage jobs, expands rural broadband and ensures enough water for fish, farms and families while maintaining a healthy environment. We know we must move in this direction because we are not immune to the effects of climate change.

Natalie is one of the hardest-working people that I know. Her keen eye for detail will make her an effective council member from the get-go. As a council member she will work to build strong, resilient communities through expanding mental health and substance abuse treatment options and local healthcare access. Natalie is committed to tackling another thorny issue: affordable housing. 

As a small business owner she knows the struggles that affect small business people and that experience will be helpful when making policy decisions. 

Natalie has a long history of public service and activism and is ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work to solve the most difficult problems that we face in Whatcom County. She has a collaborative, pragmatic approach to solving problems and will be a great addition to the Council.

Please join me in voting for Natalie McClendon for County Council District 5.

— Peggy Stewart, Ferndale



Voting for Kershner


Kathy Kershner has my vote in this year’s election for Whatcom County Council. I appreciate that she’s a veteran, having served in the Navy for over 20 years. She is a local small business owner, and has her prior service as a common-sense council member. She knows what it takes to do the job!

We need more politicians with that type of private sector experience paired with Kathy’s ironclad commitment to public service and strong work ethic. Her candidacy is a breath of fresh air!

— Kathy Stanford, Ferndale



Supporting DeValois and Lensen


I am honored to support Lynden council members DeValois and Lenssen this election and ask that you join me in voting for them. I have known and worked with both of them for more than ten years and I know they desire the best for our unique community. 

DeValois and Lenssen have worked hard to keep Lynden a safe and desirable place to live, maintaining the community values that make Lynden special and investing in necessary infrastructure. I have seen first-hand their dedication to our community and trust they will continue their commitment to maintain a livable and affordable community we can all proudly call home.

Please join me this primary election in voting for Ron DeVelois and Brent Lenssen for Lynden City Council by Tuesday, Aug 6.

— Vincent Buys, Lynden, former state representative of42nd Legislative District