On the candidate forum

If you are at all like me, you don’t appreciate receiving political calls at suppertime or glossy ads from candidates you don’t know. You are disappointed to learn that the candidate who spends the most money is elected over 90 percent of the time and that most of the money comes from 1 percent of the people and their corporations.

So I am delighted to see the announcement of a candidates forum to be held at the Lynden City Hall Annex on Wednesday, July 24, at 6:30 p.m.  This forum is co-hosted by the Lynden Tribune and the highly regarded League of Women Voters. In this respectful setting we can hear from each of the candidates who have offered to be on the ballot in this primary election. You should receive your ballot this week.  

It is unusual to have so many people run for the City Council and, at this time of rapid growth and change in our town, it is hard for us to know and consider each person’s words, experience and vision. This forum gives each candidate the opportunity to be heard. It gives us voters a chance to be informed.

Mark it on your calendar now: Lynden City Council candidates forum, July 24, 6:30-8:30, at the City Hall Annex, corner of Fourth and Grover streets.  Become an informed voter.

— Alyce V. Werkema, Lynden


Freedom in America

What is so good about America? The Fourth of July, celebrating America’s 243rd birthday, is a heartfelt and moving experience for us. America brought us hope and food from the skies when the population of Holland was starving and freezing. As children we experienced the horrors of this brutal war, 1940-1945.

Our Jewish friends and neighbors were hauled away in box cars to concentration camps and our young men were sent to German war factories. Then, afters millions had died on battle fields, America and its allies literally liberated us. We had lost our country, our freedom and our lives.

We recently remembered  D-Day when the Allies stormed Normandy and the French coast. America led the sacrifices to win back our freedoms for us and the nations. It took 11 more months before the freedom tanks and planes came to us near Rotterdam, May 5, 1945. How thankful to America, to the Allies and to God we need to be for freedom.

The amazing freedom and love in America was shown in its heart to rebuild Germany and Europe with the Marshall Plan. Very soon after, when peace was established, America was buying Volkswagens and Toyotas. America gave half of Germany and the involved Western nations back. Russia kept half of Germany plus Eastern Europe. America is a free, self-giving and loving nation and wants others to have this precious liberty for all.

The freedoms and independence won in 1776 came about with enormous costs.  And it continues all the way, for 243 years. Liberty was defended and shared, not with perfection, not faultless, but with principles in our Constitution, love and truth from Almighty God. In God we trust. Thank you, America. May you have many more Happy Birthdays.

— John Van Hemert, Lynden


Education benefits all 

Let me begin by saying I am no longer a Bernie Sanders supporter. But I do give him credit for moving the national conversation into areas we need to discuss and consider.

One of the areas is reducing the obstacles to attending college. Although everyone may not need to attend, the experience of college and/or trade school can be eye-opening and consciousness-expanding.

The far, far right calls the media “liberal.” Well, yeah, reporters and photographers have been around the world, doing their jobs and have seen how other cultures live and operate successfully. So their horizons have been expanded by that. When I was in Europe several decades ago, I met two women, twins, from North Carolin who to that point had never been out of their county! Needless to say, they were petrified of their travel surroundings, the customs and the different lifestyles they encountered while in Europe. And no doubt their eyes are more open now, and their understanding greater.

By instituting some way of making college or trade school more attractive and affordable, perhaps those who now look down on those of us who took the steps to broaden our horizons can broaden theirs. Our understanding of each other could improve, and we could once again become a nation of common goals instead of a nation of enemies who cannot communicate. More educated, open-minded citizens could also help prevent us from falling behind the other nations of the world. If all this may be possible, it would behoove us all to find and support a presidential candidate who has such a vision.

— Gary Meader, Everson


The younger crowd

Many people need help. But many cannot get off their jester to help themselves. As an old folk, we grew most of what we needed. The new crowd of socialists even wants the products brought to them. They could plant food products in the window flower bed or find a 6x6 space around the house, but they don’t. While everyone else is working, they have time to protest of the many more things they want. Socialists do not produce capital; they only know how to spend what others produce.

It scares me how much America has decayed in a such short amount of time. A recession is needed right away, because no one sees the money tree is dying. Recession brings reality to the forefront. I am not trying to scare you, only wake you up.

Taxes=Taxes. The Demos are now wondering if they are on the winning team. Some of our politicians are trying to justify the unjustifiable. I’m on the Trump Train, and we do have a great senator in Doug Ericksen working for Washington.

— Darryl Ehlers, Lynden