Our world is facing the unprecedented global outbreak of the COVID-19 illness. Our journalists and our family of co-workers are committed to keeping you informed of the latest news and information related to the response from the local, state and federal levels. 

  For the foreseeable future, we have made all content on Lyndentribune.com and Ferndalerecord.com free to all readers with a goal of supporting the maximum flow of current information that’s verified and edited for publication. While our printed papers may be reduced in size resulting from limited news and feature content due to recent closures and cancellations, we will continue to print and distribute the Lynden Tribune and Ferndale Record for the thousands of readers who depend on us. 

  We have a dedicated staff of carriers who deliver our papers faithfully each and every week, this week included. With the recent “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order mandated by Governor Inslee, we are looking at some possible changes to our delivery system that may include mail delivery the next couple of weeks, to keep our carriers safe. 

  We are also concerned for the safety of our community and are serious to do our part to limit the spread of this virus. Medical experts are emphatic in telling us that flattening the curve of transmission is critical to not overwhelming our limited response resources. For the foreseeable future, our front office will continue to be closed to the public, and the majority of our staff will work remotely per recommendations for social distancing. 

  The best ways to get in touch with us are by email and phone. Our staff directories are listed on our websites.

  We are committed to continue posting daily story updates with the latest on the coronavirus, and breaking news updates for other important news items on our newspaper websites. 

  In times like these, community journalism is crucial to our communities. The Lynden Tribune and Ferndale Record, for the past 130-plus years, have relied on their subscribers and advertisers to underwrite this local news mission. Your understanding, continued support and engagement is very much appreciated during these difficult times. 


  Michael D. Lewis, Publisher