On patriotism

  I am writing to all you people out there who are sadly lacking in love, knowledge and pa-triotism for our great U.S. Constitution.

  The Lynden Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9301 is attending the Falcon Gun Show March 7-8 at the Lynden fairgrounds and have all kinds of information for veterans and other patriotic people. Please attend. We are in great need of your help in preserving our great republic.

  In the words of Thomas Jefferson: “We in America do not have government by the majority; we have government by the majority who participate. All tyrrany needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Amen.

— Walt DeKraai, World War II U.S. Navy Seabee, Lynden

Praising Tim Eyman

  Tim Eyman is like Paul Revere, sounding the alarm about our present government’s thievery and tyranny.

  Tim Eyman decided to run for Governor of Washington State because of the deterioration of our government. Tim has been beating the bushes of government for many years and is very knowledgeable in how it works. Tim’s fight is to hold government in check for irresponsible spending and pushing the libelous stone. The present Democratic arrogance is to pass and fund anything, just for the socialist vote, so they can stay in office.

  They do not care where the money comes from. With the new taxes, you will soon find out that it’s you. History will repeat itself and inflation will collapse, even if  you possibly know who is going to win.

  It is still your right to vote and you cannot complain if you don’t get who you want. My vote goes to Tim Eyman for governor. Have a good day, Pilgrim.

— Darryl Ehlers, Lynden

Supporting the Kendall Trail

  The Kendall Trail is one step closer to becoming reality, thanks in part to state Rep. Sharon Shewmake for working to allocate $300,000 in the House capital budget (HB 2325). Over 4,000 residents call the area around Kendall in the east county home. Children make up over a quarter of the population.

  Our community has experienced deaths from car accidents with pedestrians and bicycles because our homes lack pathways along the Kendall Highway (SR 547) to connect to the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center, Kendall Elementary School, Foothills Food Bank and local convenience stores. The Kendall Trail will serve many purposes aside from recreation.

  Please join us in writing to our Senators about the importance of this project as it is currently not included in the Senate capital budget. Many people in the community have been focused on building the Kendall Trail since 2015 and we are hopeful that the final supplemental capital budget will finally approve this much-needed construction funding.

— Shorty Bjornstad, Maple Falls

On the League of Women Voters

  2020 is the 100th anniversary of the League of Women Voters and also of passage of the 19th Amendment.

  To some, these events represent allowing women “the privilege” to vote. To others, they represent the winning of governmental participation and improvement in the strength of our nation. Our country has benefited from the oversight of women in getting cleaner food processing and child labor laws, controlling fraud, waste and abuse with legislation, protection of occupational health and safety, and other areas where mothers, wives and women with consequential insight have contributed.  

  Historically, women suffered the authoritarianism of abuse in their homes and so they recognize abuse of power when they see it. We cannot accept this abuse in our government. Egotistical power is not about biblical expectations; it controls by fear, paralyzes progress and makes our country vulnerable to economic, environmental, social and medical consequences.

  It is not fear of change and loss of dominance that should make our population distrust each other. It is the authoritarian lust for power and total control from the White House: pardon convicted criminals for corruption and murder, threaten legislators with retribution for conscience, take revenge on “enemies,” honor despots. Where will the authoritarianism stop?   

  Vote in the current Presidential nominating primary for Washington.

— Donna Starr, Blaine