We can do this!

  Do you remember the first time you heard of this strange COVID-19? It’s all we hear about right now, but some of us are still not taking this seriously. Time to get serious. We owe it to our community. We need to protect each other.

  Yes, most of the people who get sick will recover, but not everyone. If we do not do everything in our power to slow down the spread of this virus, soon the number of seriously ill people will be unimaginable.

  When I wrote this on Sunday night, schools were closed, businesses were suffering, people weren’t working; they were worrying about their paychecks. No restaurants were serving customers, public places were closed, the grocery store didn’t have toilet paper or soap. By the time you read this, things will likely have gotten worse. Think things are inconvenient now? Want to get back to normal? The only way forward is if we all do our part to keep our distance from others.

  Are you young and healthy and unlikely to get sick? That’s wonderful! Now do the responsible thing: stay home as much as you can. Don’t do it forever, but do it now. Protect your parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends. Don’t go visit them; now isn’t the time. Just stay put, for now.

  Got free time at home? Call a friend, write a letter, read a book, do a puzzle, go through old photos, weed your garden, plant some seeds, play with your kids, talk to your spouse, sort your sock drawer, wash your dog (wash your hands!). There are plenty of ways to keep busy. 

  It’s contrary to human nature since we are social beings, but the quickest way back to being together is to separate now for a bit. Come on, Lynden, we can do this!

— Genevieve Wolf, Lynden