Food for thought

  A huge reason the United States enjoys such economic success is that we pay less than any other nation for food. We spend about 6.4% of our national income on food, while most other countries spend from 10% to 50%.   

  We are beginning to hear about the disparity in deaths from the COVID- 19 virus based on medical conditions of minorities and the social determinants of race and social agenda.  How is it that three months ago building a wall to keep out the immigrants that work in our fields was of primary importance, yet today our immigrant field workers, who help keep our national food costs down, are now considered “essential workers”?

  These workers’ health is not considered, they do not have masks, nor are most insured if they get sick. Whatcom County’s Community to Community is an organization that works to provide for the needs of, and organizational support for our immigrant community.These men and women are contributing economically to our national well-being.   So many people are facing hard times right now, but please consider donating to Community to Community so that masks and preventative care is available to these people so important to our community.

— Donna Starr, Blaine

 On sex education

  Having personally taught sex education classes in a variety of settings, I’m adamantly opposed to K-12 state-mandated Comprehensive Sex Education. CSE teaches children explicit sexual facts and beliefs in addition to other value-laden topics. CSE is not unique to Washington state, but is a widespread ideology espousing “affirmative consent,” i.e., children deciding for themselves when and with whom to have sex. It assumes that children are or will be sexually active and, as children, have a right to sexual knowledge and expression. Many CSE proponents are disdainful of the abstinence until marriage perspective, viewing it as “a violation of human rights.”

  CSE is primarily based on what kids want to know rather than what parents believe is best for their children. A state-sponsored survey showed that 58% of parents oppose CSE legislation. Yet, despite a tidal wave of parental protest in Olympia, CSE is now required in all WA schools.

  Is CSE too explicit? Look at the language yourself in the “Rights, Respect, Responsibility: The 3 Rs” curriculum, viewable at this website:

  Although there are several approved CSE programs, all must conform to state guidelines. Beyond the explicit lessons, programs indoctrinate children into a certain perspective on sexuality, often in direct opposition to many parents’ beliefs and values. 

  Let’s give back to school boards, and especially parents, decision-making power on sex education. Join the Referendum 90 movement to reject top-down CSE programs that blatantly ignore parental rights and values. Petitions are available at Please do it today!

— Sally Mickley, Lynden