Nick Laninga

Nick Laninga

Nick Laninga

Profession: Retired grocery store owner, para-educator, school bus driver

Years in Washington: Since 1963

Experience as a volunteer/public servant: As a volunteer, I held many church offices and served on the Bellingham Christian School Board. As a public servant I served six years in the US Army reserve. Serving on the Lynden City Council has been a real privilege where I also serve on the Parks and Finance Committees.

My name is Nick Laninga, and I am running to keep my seat as Lynden City Council No. 5. 

Having received your support in the past, I would be honored to represent you, the stakeholders of Lynden, for another term. It is my desire to maintain well managed growth with a level of service that gives value and meets the needs of our citizenship. To provide a safe environment for all our community. Well cared for parks and activities that provide for healthy lives. Above all provide for the well-being of all ages and economic levels. 

However, I do not pretend to have all the answers, and that is why I value the different commissions that serve our stakeholder.

The Planning Commission the Parks and Recreation advisory boards are an example of citizens who offer valuable input to us.

When we do city projects such as new Parks and trails, I would strive to hold a public forum session for community input. I also advocate for doing community surveys.

It is important to be a good listener. We need to have a healthy and sustainable environment and provide services and policies to reach those goals. 

I feel strongly that we do deal with some racism, however I do not feel that we are racially systemic. It is sin that is systemic within all of us. Racial inequalities should not exist. We are all of one race and one blood.

I oppose the Critical Race Theory it divides people and has its roots in Marxism. As our Constitution declares that all men are created equal, much harm was done when the evolutionists put the Negro on a different branch on their tree of evolution.

America has its problems, but America is a good country.

As far as revenue shortfalls are concerned, due to COVID-19, we have been fortunate in that we have not had a drop in tax revenue, each month the tax report continues to surprise us.

Much of this could be from several factors. We now have destination sales tax reporting so that if someone buys online and has it shipped to them the sales tax goes to our city.

There has been a significant drop in business in many local small stores due in part to the lockdown policies. As a small community many reach out and support small business.

We have also given out some support money that was designated for that purpose.

I would value your vote. However, please check out all those who are running for office and vote for the people of your choice.