Khush Brar

Khush Brar

Khush Brar 

Profession: Farmer

Years in Washington: 7

Experience as a volunteer/public servant: I do not hold any public office position. For volunteer experience, I practice charity/compassion/being human, being a mentor, a volunteer in our community and at our place of worship.

Together we are stronger.

I never imagined I would run for public office, but times are such that we all have to be proactive in what is happening around us.

It is a big and bold step I took to be a strong voice in shaping a better community for our children. With God’s grace and support from everyday people in our community, I will keep the good fight going.

Iam running for office because I want to see a mother on the city council. How about you? I want to see diversity and representation for families in Lynden whose everyday lives are directly impacted by our local governments.

There is always more than what meets the eye, and the same goes for my story. I was born and brought up in the Philippines to a Punjabi family. I am blessed to have deep understanding of both Christianity and Sikhism that keeps me grounded as a person.

I come from a conservative culture where elders and children have a significant place in our communities. We live in a multi-generation home, which means we fight, we laugh, and we love each other. It is a two-way street where we learn from each other, respect the wisdom of our elders and enjoy the innocence of our young.

My husband and I, along with our two children call Lynden our beautiful abode. We do blueberry farming for a living as well as trucking during off season. I have been living in Lynden the past seven years, continuously. When I joined the family business after my marriage, I have been hands-on with all aspects of operation. That gives me a perspective of a small business owner whose time and investments are always on the line against all odds.

All of this makes up who I am which I will bring to city council and add value to it. I may not have enough political experience, but I do know how to connect with other human beings. I would rather vote for a person with integrity and character than a politician who does not have our best interest at heart.

There is a reason why I did not pursue any endorsements. I believe that I do not need a label to prove that my values are conservative.

I am running to serve the people of Lynden, which comprises of all. I can stand up for my values and what I believe in but still be kind to others. This is the reason why my signs say “Preserving our values,” as human beings and as a community.

Lastly, the pandemic is proving to be challenging for all, but we cannot let it outweigh what we stand for as a community.

I will quote Joseph Joubert: “The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory but progress.”

Let’s hear each other out, not to draw the line, but rather to take action and find solutions on how we can do better.