Infinity Dance kids, director persist on show for six months

LYNDEN — For Infinity Dance Company, this COVID-19 season has been challenging, to say the least, says artistic director Christie Peetoom. “I have never been more tested to persevere,” she adds.

And now the perserverance will pay off for Peetoom and her young dancers.

A group began working on the Infinity version of “Peter Pan” in January. By the time everyone was forced to close down in March, costumes had been ordered and dances about halfway learned. Peetoom was mending “a lot of broken hearts.”

Infinity, based in a studio at 1897 Front St., decided to give online classes a try. For seven weeks, students were able to work on their technique as well as finish their dance choreography. However, with the challenges of online school and a need for in-person connection pressing upon the students, Peetoom decided to hit the pause button and allow a month-long break.

In June, within Phase 2 guidelines, Infinity was able to open back up and resume classes with the studio. So, now for the last four weeks, students have refined their dances and are preparing them to be made into a video recital. 

“We have had many challenges and obstacles to jump through in order to keep our students safe and follow the health department guidelines, but our staff, students and parents are amazing and helped us through it all. We even had some of our dance dads build us an outdoor studio (which) gave us a place to have some of our classes as well as a space to film,” Peetoom wrote to the Tribune.

“We are beyond proud of our students for overcoming such a difficult season and performing beautifully. I am extremely grateful for my supportive, loving and willing staff. I am excited to be able to work with our talented and creative videographer, Ron Robinson. Above all, I am in awe at how God orchestrated every bit of this journey to fit so perfectly together.

The silver lining of this adventure is that the “Peter Pan” production will be done.

Peetoom says that a DVD is expected to be made for families by the end of the summer. Anyone else interested in receiving a copy of it can email to