Committee reports its hope for the rest of 2020 

LYNDEN ­— Right   now in a normal year, the second week of October, a Lynden Music Festival would be happening in town. Not so in 2020.

In that regard, Terhi Miikki-Broersma has sent out an email for the organizing committee that updates on the situation for a music festival in Lynden. 

“We had planned an amazing line-up this year including the Vancouver Chamber Choir, Folkert Hans from Friesland, the Sibelius Duo from Finland and more.

“The saddest thing is that we are not able to book our favorite musicians and help them to make their living."

“We had big hopes that we would be able to produce our Christmas concert in December, but even that looks not so optimistic at this moment. In that case, we will focus on smaller get-togethers and we will do our ‘Christmas Caroling’ where you can book us to serenade your loved ones!"

“We have a dream that we can somehow bless those musicians who are struggling the most, like those who don’t have teaching job at schools, or regular church, or can’t play in any restaurants, etc. We would love to surprise them with a small amount of money that would help them over these future months. What‘s even more important than money is that when you lose all your income, it’s hard on your feeling of self-worth. So reaching out to them at this time would be huge."

“So if you are financially able to give some extra, you can send your donation to: Lynden Music Festival, 191 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd., Lynden, WA 98264. We will transfer 100% of the money to the musicians you have in mind — please let us know! We are now a 501c3 charitable entity, so your contribution will be tax-deductible. We wish to support a lot of  musicians that have been involved in the Lynden Music Festival over the past years and who brought so much joy to our town."

“On a personal note, I am one of  those musicians, who in the last six months has been hit hard financially. Most freelance musicians’ income comes from many various streams: nursing homes, concerts, orchestras, coffee places, wine bars, Jansen Art Center, school gigs, choirs, churches. And now they are mostly closed and gigs have been cancelled for the last six months and the future doesn’t look good for us either. We, the Festival Committee, didn’t want to arrange any fundraising in our town because we know some of you are also struggling with your businesses and income.”