Corey Jamison is the creator behind a new poster and card portrayal of downtown Lynden. (Elisa Claassen/Lynden Tribune)

Corey Jamison, of CA company here, is putting his touch on Lynden promo

   LYNDEN — While Corey Jamison works, he looks out from a small office on Front Street. A brilliantly colored scatter rug, couch and Beatles pop-art images furnish the small space, but it’s the view outside that is so beautiful and charming. Locals may take it for granted at times, but visitors do not.

  As part of the Downtown Business Association, he has put together two posters — so far — of other stylized views of Lynden that also feature a tree-lined Front Street.                         

  Unlike others who may have gone to school with the purpose of learning the graphic arts, Corey  Jamison was part of the punk-music scene in his younger years, dropped out of school (but finished his education later through a learning center), and added to his skill base via hobbies and eventually working for his father, starting at the bottom.

  After marrying at age 19 and quickly becoming a parent, it was time to grow up and focus.

Jamison Advertising Group

  “He’s the Jamison, and I’m the other Jamison,” Corey quips. 

  While the Lynden office has a small footprint that Corey shares with others in the creativity industry, the Jamison Advertising Group headquarters is in Chula Vista, California, near San Diego. As Corey’s father Jerry Jamison, 68, reduces his work load, more duties transfer to Corey, 39.

  Corey and wife Lise Jamison moved to Lynden almost 15 years ago. Their two children grew up here. His mom, who was living in the Northwest, told them, “I need to show you this town.”

  His wife had lived in a small town in Missouri and Lynden was a good replica. Corey could work in his technology remotely. While once a director relocated to Fort Worth, Texas, and had an office there, it is now Chula Vista and Lynden as the bases.

  “It’s the best thing we could’ve done,” Corey said. Since the move, the Jamisons have become involved in nonprofits and a church. Corey’s music skills are put to use as a drummer on the worship team at First Reformed Church. He is a men’s group leader and has also gone on three mission trips to Ghana in the past and is off to Cambodia soon.

  Son Ethan, a Lynden High School graduate, is attending Grand Canyon University. Daughter Sadie, 16, is still a student at LHS.

  Corey is also a co-owner, with Sean Taylor, of the cigar lounge called Tin Can Cigar adjacent to the Northwood Market. The two innovators met at a kids’ game. One had a trailer. They both had an idea. A business was formed.

Lynden idolized

  The firm’s “bread and butter clients” are nationally known in the financial sector, such as AIG (American International Group). There also are ministries and local website/logo/branding clients including Katz! Coffee and Used Books, Lynden Liquor, Lynden School District, Lynden Door, First Reformed Church, North County Christ the King, JWR Design Inc. and Manna Insurance.

  After talking with Teri Treat, co-owner of The Inn at Lynden and a DBA officer, about a logo for the downtown association in 2018, one was developed that incorporated aspects of Lynden life including a raspberry, basketball, Christmas lights and bicycle tire.

  The goal with the design was to create something “timeless and vintage ... to show the beauty of a small town and Main Street.”

  In addition to the new interchangeable logo, Corey created similar posters as an add-on pro-bono project. He contacted graphic designer Brook Wai (pronounced “Y”) to create the design using reference photos. Wai used to live in Bellingham, but has moved to Princeton, New Jersey.

  To be fair, stores are shown in the artwork but not specifically named.Surprising touches are subtly hidden, including an Elf on the Shelf, a tiny flying Santa, and berries. The Jamison family dog Opal, a mutt beagle/pit bull mix, is in each.

  Those interested in the two current images — of summer and winter, or also known as rain and no-rain — as posters or postcards can purchase them at Katz! Coffee. Also, the images are available to the Lynden DBA to use, Jamison said, on T-shirts, tote bags and other items. And more seasons of Lynden life may be developed and available in the future on more posters. Ken Stap at Katz! Coffee, president of the DBA, is the contact at The associaion website is at