Details for Do you love baseball AND history?


Ever heard of vintage baseball? More than 200 teams across the country play baseball the way they did before 1900. Most of those teams even play ball the way they did before the Civil War. I used to live in Camp Verde, Arizona, but now I live in Bellingham, Washington. In Arizona, I played in an eight-team league that played ball by rules from 1860. I’d like to bring the vintage baseball movement to the PNW. I’d like to start a few teams to play ball against each other. Vintage baseball is about camaraderie, friendship, exercise, love of baseball and appreciation of history. Anyone and everyone is welcome to play. Although we play to win, sportsmanship is king. Maybe you don’t want to play or cannot play ball any more, but you like the game and would like to keep score, or maybe be an umpire? Well, we’d love to have you come out. We also need places to play ball. Baseball in its infancy was played on open fields. Maybe you can’t play any longer but you have an open field that you’d let us play ball on. Interested in learning more or participating in some way? Please message me if you live anywhere in Whatcom County, or anywhere in Washington, and you’re interested in getting involved. Please email me at or call 928-300-0522.