Isom will celebrate Día De Los Niños on April 27

LYNDEN ­— This year’s El Día de Los Niños/El Día de Los Libros event will be on Saturday, April 27, from 1 to 5 p.m. at Isom Elementary School, 8461 Benson Rd.

The fifth annual event last year was planned by Tina Bixby and Amelia Martinez of the Whatcom County Library System, with help from Latino teens and their families.

Familiar with Latino parties, Amelia knew what was needed to make the children feel special. There were tables with library information, free children’s books, crafts and eating, a blanket-covered area with toys for the babies and toddlers, a quiet story reading room, a stage for the music, and a dance floor area. A cake and a piñata were essential.

“As a teacher/advisor, it was exciting to see that almost all the volunteers were Lynden High School students and most were members of the First Generation Club,” said Stacy Anderson, a teacher in the school district. “The high school students were interacting with children and parents. They were excited to be helping and were proud of their cultural traditions.”

“As a parent, I was able to attend the Día De Los Niños celebration with my 8-year-old daughter, “Anderson continued. “We were wondering if we would be out of place, as we don’t share this cultural tradition and were unfamiliar with it. We were graciously welcomed by the volunteers at each station, who explained the projects and helped with the activities. It was fun to see the high school student volunteers as they transitioned with ease between speaking Spanish with some attendees and English with others. The event was fun, well attended by the community, staffed by great volunteers and provided my daughter and myself a chance to glimpse another culture’s traditions, language, music, food and people.”

Isom is a new location this year. Also, there are new partners: the Lynden School District and Community to Community, with funds provided by the Estela and Raul Mora Award, Rader Farms and Friends of the Lynden Library.

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